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On Wednesday, around 9:00 am, there was a major Frontier telephone cable cut by an auger around the Depot construction. This took out all of the phones at the Complex including 9-1-1 lines and numerous homes/businesses in Lincoln.  We immediately got the 9-1-1 lines transferred to the backup and staffed. There are 1800 pair in this cable for a total of 3600 lines.  This is an old cable and none of the wires are marked. The other issue is that it is so close to the railroad that digging there would compromise the tracks. Frontier had to dig on the other side, run new cables under the track, and are now having to splice 2 sides instead of just one set of 3600 lines.  

Temporary phone number for Lincoln Police is 732-2151

Temporary phone number for the Logan County Sheriff's office is 732-2311

Updates to come when available.