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Welcome to the office of the Logan County Clerk and Recorder. The County Clerk has many roles in Logan County Government. The County Clerk is the keeper of the official seal of the County, Clerk of the County Board, keeper of vital statistics, marriage licenses, assumed names, tax extensions, delinquent taxes and the Logan County Election Authority. Here you will find forms and suggestions for obtaining documents that may help in your search for information in Logan County.


The County Clerk also serves as the County Recorder. This website provides information on recording fees, plat act and school district affidavits, Property Fraud Alert and On-Line Land Records Search. We look forward to serving you and hope that this website is a helpful tool in your research.


Tax Extension


The Office of the County Clerk is responsible for the extension of property tax. Tax levies from all taxing bodies in Logan County are filed in our office and available for viewing.



 Delinquent Taxes


   Delinquent taxes sold in Logan County tax sales must be redeemed in the Office of the County Clerk. It is necessary to call our office to be assured of the exact amount of payment. Payment must be made in cash, certified check or money order.


Assumed Business Name


The Process to file an Assumed Business Name:

  • Applicants can complete the Certification of Intention in the Clerk's Office.  
  • The filing fee ($10.00) will be collected the day the applicant comes to the Clerk's Office to collect their information. Acceptable tender is cash or check. The applicant will be asked to provide a valid photo ID. 
  • The Clerk's Office will give a Publication Notice when the Certification of Intention form has been completed.
  • The Publication Notice will need to be submitted to the local paper of record within fifteen days of filing the Certificate of Intention with the Logan County Clerk. The publication fees with newspapers vary. The notice must be published once a week for three consecutive weeks. The Certificate of Intention will be void if publication requirements are not met.
  • After our office receives proof of publication from the applicant, we will issue a Certificate of Ownership of Business along with a copy of the publication notice.

 **If you have a corporate, incorporated or limited business, you must file at the Office of the Secretary of State in Springfield, Illinois**


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The Office of the County Clerk conducts all elections in Logan County. Logan County has 18,706 registered voters and 29 precincts.

  • You can check your voter registration status on-line by visiting the Illinois State Board of Elections at: Registration lookup

For election dates, forms, links, etc, please click here to go the Election Information page.

If there has been a change in officials within a unit of government, we would ask that a local elected official or administrator complete and returned a Vacancy in Office Notification to the County Clerk. 


Freedom of Information Act Requests (FOIA)



Logan County Reference and Yearbook


Logan County Reference and Yearbook 2023-2024

Every two years the County Clerk's Office publishes a reference and yearbook of all government officials that are elected or appointed in Logan County.

The 2023-2024 Logan County Reference and Yearbook is now available in our office.


Additional Services


   The County Clerk is responsible for providing county liquor licenses, receipting all county money, paying most county bills, sending out meeting schedules for the county board, setting the agenda for adjourned county board meetings, and statements of economic interest.