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Recording Fees

Our current accepted forms of payment for recordings are cash and check only.

Document Preparation is a specialized task which may demand legal knowledge or advice. The office of the County Clerk is forbidden by law to give legal advice.

Documents must contain:

  • Name and Address of Prepared By
  • Return To
  • Tax Bill To (if applicable)
  • Property Tax Identification Number, legal description and Common Address
  • Subdivision Plats (Must contain Plat Act Affidavit) 
    Submit original and 2 copies. Max 30x36. $71.00

       For any additional recording or land record information call the office at: (217) 732-4148 or email

Land Records Search

The Logan County Recorder's office has made available online the data and document images from December 1, 1984 to present. You are more than welcome to come visit us and make use of our free terminals to search information. If this is not convenient, listed below are options available to you by searching Logan County land records via the internet.

MyDec Update:  

As you know, Illinois is moving toward the electronic submission of the PTAX 203 for recording real estate deeds.  The physical form will continue to be required when filing your deeds in the office of the Logan County Clerk and Recorder– whether completing it online through the MyDec site of the State of Illinois at:, or by printing the fill-in-the- blank form on the Department of Revenue site at:  Either process, the recorder must receive the PTAX 203 document along with the deed.  The state is attempting to move counties forward to electronic formats in order to assist them in their county sales ratio studies. 

The office of the Logan County Clerk and Recorder will be moving to the MyDec system on June 15.  We have many out of county users presently participating in the system, as several counties have already begun utilizing MyDec. If you have any specific questions for the system itself, please contact Rhonda McCombs at DOR by calling (217)785-8667 or email or staff at  There is also a help line for the new system (844)445-1114.  Our office staff is available to assist you as well.