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Welcome to Logan County's' Geographic Information System.


The GIS Office manages and creates geographic information relative to Logan County. It strives to provide methods for collecting and analyzing data to support decision – making processes within County Departments, as well as for the citizens of Logan County, Illinois.


Our GIS system is basically a multiple – layered map of the County. Each of these map layers can be turned on or off to create unique maps, creating new ways to visualize data.  The foundation of the GIS mapping includes the parcel database, which was created in 2006. This database is continually updated using recorded documents to reflect changes in land ownership. Other layers, such as aerial photography, zoning districts, floodplain boundary, and various taxing districts can then be added to the map. Each layer can be turned on or off as needed to create maps for specific uses or questions.


GIS in Logan County has been under development for since 2000. GIS is a continual work in progress.  New layers are always being added and parcels, parcel ownership, assessments, etc. are always changing.

Much of the data that has been developed is available for public viewing. Logan County has three options for viewing GIS layers through interactive maps:

  1. Map Gallery:  This is a collection of interactive single layer GIS maps. These maps feature a single layer of geographic information (ie. Zoning District, Floodplain Boundary, School District Boundary). These maps feature a search by address tool, parcel data information, and an aerial photography base map.
  2. Internet Mapping application:  Nearly all of the GIS layers are available for public viewing through this interactive multiple layer GIS map. The various GIS data layers are found in the Map Contents box that appears on the left side of the Internet Mapping page. To view a layer, check the box for the specific layer you want to view. In some cases it will be necessary to also check the box for the general layer name. For example, if you wish to view Library District boundaries, both Library Districts and Other Taxing Districts layers must be turned on by clicking in the empty box. Where there is a box with a plus sign (+) in it, there are additional data layers associated with that layer. To expand a layer, click on the (+) sign.
  3. PDF maps:  Single layer GIS maps have also been created and can be found on the PDF Map page. These countywide maps are in a .PDF format and do not require navigating the full Internet Mapping application.  The most commonly requested maps have been included.


For more information on GIS maps, please contact Logan County’s GIS Coordinator.  Paper maps and digital data are also available.  Check out the Data tab for information on current fees and licensing agreements.


Vision Statement

The Logan County GIS Committee is committed to create a regional GIS infrastructure that includes base data, hardware, and software to meet the geographic information needs of the County as well as other participating public and private stakeholders.