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Jail Administrator Rod Boyd

Phone: 217-735-2610

The Logan County Jail, a subdivision of the Logan County Safety Complex, is located at 911 Pekin Street, Lincoln, IL 62656. The jail can house 53 inmates and is operated 24 hours a day by Correctional staff. 

The following frequently asked questions deal with the Logan County Jail:

Q: What are the Logan County Jail visiting hours?
Q: What is the Logan County Jail mailing address for inmates?
Q: How do I find out if someone is in the Logan County Jail?
Q: Can I talk to an inmate from home? 
Q: Can I put money on an inmate's account?
Q: What items can I send an inmate through the mail?
Q: I am an official clergy member. How can I conduct clergy visits with a member of my congregation who is a Detainee?


Q: What are the Logan County Jail visiting hours?

A: Inmates of the Logan County Jail are allowed one 30 minute visit each week. Two or more persons are permitted to visit at the same time and shall count as a single visit.  There shall be no age restriction on visitors when a child is accompanied by a parent or guardian. Visitors over 18 years of age or older must present a picture identification card. Those under 18 years of age must have a birth certificate on file. 

All visitors must wear a mask and they must be worn at all times during the visit. All visitors shall be required to sign the visitor register before being permitted to visit a detainee. Visitors are subject to search on jail property and no personal property is allowed in the visit, except vehicle keys. Cell phones and electronic devices are exclusively forbidden. Violations of these rules may result in the termination of the visit and placement on the restricted list.

 The current visitation hours are as follows: 

  • Tuesday      1:00pm - 4:00pm
  • Thursday     6:00pm - 9:00pm
  • Sunday        1:00pm - 4:00pm

These times may be changed, without notice, due to staffing or operational needs at that time.

Please call 217-735-2610 between the hours of 8:00 am and 11:00 am on the day you would like to visit to schedule a visitation time. Your name must appear on the inmate's approved visitors list at that time.

Video Visitation can be conducted for 20 minutes any day of the week from your home for a fee of $7.00. The hours for the video visitation from home are from 9:00 am to11:00 am and 6:30 pm to 9:00 pm.  All video visitations must be scheduled in advance. Please visit for information on setting up an account to begin scheduling a video visit for a Logan County inmate.

Q: What is the Logan County Jail mailing address for inmates?

A: Please use the following address for sending mail to inmates:

Inmate's First Name and Last Name
C/O Logan County Jail
911 Pekin St.
Lincoln, IL 62656

Mail must contain the inmates full name (first and last) as well as a full return name and address. If this information is not provided, the mail will be returned to the sender. Cashier's checks, money orders or certified checks shall be deposited into the detainee's commissary fund account.  Personal checks and cash shall be returned to the sender, with a notification that funds may not be received in that form. Inmates may receive books and periodicals subject to inspection and approval by jail personnel. Paperback books are acceptable but must be delivered from the supplier, such as or 

        Correctional staff will not relay messages to inmates.

 Q: How do I find out if someone is in the Logan County Jail?

A: Please visit VineLink to search for information on anyone incarcerated in the Logan County Jail.  Please visit the Illinois Department of Corrections to find information on those incarcerated in prison.  You can check for inmate court case information, which includes their next court appearances, at Logan County Circuit Clerk's website: Case Search.

Q: Can I talk to an inmate from home?

A: Yes.  Inmates are allowed to place phone calls daily with money from their inmate account. However, inmates are not allowed to receive calls and the Correctional Officers will not relay messages. Please see the Visitation section above for information regarding video visits.

Q: Can I add money to an inmate's account?

A: Friends and family can add money to an inmate's account for commissary, telephone minutes or bond.  Go to to add money via a debit or credit card online or come to the lobby of the Logan County Safety Complex at 911 Pekin St, Lincoln, IL, and add money to the Stellar Teller kiosk located there.

Q: What items can I send an inmate through the mail?

A: The Logan County Jail has established and maintains a commissary system to provide inmates with items approved by the Sheriff. Those item include, but are not limited to, personal hygiene products, clothing, stationary, and food. Because of the commissary system, no items shall be received at the Logan County Jail either in person or through the mail, expect those items expressly noted in the "Mail" section above. If you would like to place money on an inmates fund, see the  section immediately above this section.

Q: I am an official clergy member. How can I conduct clergy visits with a member of my congregation who is a Detainee?

A: Member of the clergy may submit an application to visit members of their respective congregation while the Detainee is in custody. The following are requirements for Clergy visits:

  • Clergy visits are intended for Pastors, Imams, Rabbis, Priests, or other church leaders. Missionaries, chaplains, elders or other non-certified positions do not qualify for clergy visits. 
  • No person with a relative or close personal friend in the custody of the Logan County Sheriff is able to make clergy visits.
  • No person with an outstanding warrant is allowed to make clergy visits.
  • A background check will be conducted on all applicants to ensure their identity and standing with in the church organization as well as to check for outstanding warrants

Clergy Visiting Rules

  • Detainees may receive one (1) Clergy visit per week, Saturdays from 1:00 pm to 2:00 pm.
  • The Clergy visit shall be in addition to a Detainees regular family visit.
  • Clergy visits are to be used solely for the purpose of spiritual counseling. Conducting any other business during the visit could result in a loss of privileges.
  • A copy of your state issued driver's license or ID card
  • A copy of your certificate of ordination, OR a letter from an official within the church which states you are in good standing with the church and are able to minister on their behalf

All rules and procedures on this page are subject to change without notice.
Please contact the facility for more information or clarification.