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The Emergency Telephone System Board of Logan County ["Logan ETSB"] is an emergency telephone system board established pursuant to Section 15.4 of the Local Government Emergency Telephone System Act, 50 ILCS 750/15.4.


History of Logan County ETSB

In 1989, a referendum was passed for 9-1-1.  On March 1, 1990 9-1-1/ETSB was formed.  On November 9, 1993 Basic 9-1-1 was in service to the county.  In the Spring of 1994, Cell phone capabilities were established.  On June 12, 1995 the Back-up Center opened and by October 1996, E-Mapping and Map Books were prepared.  On May 1, 2004, Logan Dispatch opened under the direction of the ETSB.  In 2005, Congressman Ray LaHood secured a Grant for the new Communications/Dispatch Center.  During 2006, planning and preparations for the Communications/Dispatch Center were put into place.  In July of 2007, Logan Dispatch moved into their new home in the basement of the Logan County Safety Complex.  In 2008, the Back-up Center relocated to the new Rural Fire Department.  In 2008, New World Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) was completed.  During 2009, two new radio communications buildings were put in place along with Phase 1 & II Wireless.  The year 2010 brought the the Law Enforcement Department Radio upgrade along with the Emergency Operations Center-Communications Room update.  In 2011, EM-COM (Emergency Management Communications) began in Logan Dispatch and by 2013 EM-COM CAD was fully implemented.  The year 2015 brought another upgrade to the New World CAD system.  ETSB is continually updating software, hardware, and equipment to accept the fast-growing world of computers.




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