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Public Notice

Notice is hereby given that Logan County (Owner) is requesting innovative solutions and proposals from qualified providers for energy conservation measures at Owner facilities pursuant to the Local Government Energy Conservation Act, 50 ILCS 515. These services and improvements are to be delivered on a guaranteed performance contracting basis which will allow Owner to: 1) incur no initial capital cost, 2) achieve significant long term savings which are measured and verified, 3) obtain an annual savings guarantee which will be equal to or greater than the total annual project costs, 4) obtain consistent levels of facility occupant comfort and system functionality, and 5) finance the project through an installment payment or a lease purchase arrangement over an extended contract term.

Sealed proposals shall be received at 601 Broadway Street P.O. Box 39, Lincoln, IL 62656 no later than Noon on August 1st, 2017. Extensions will not be granted and late responses will not be accepted. At 6:00pm on August 1st, 2017 all proposals will be publicly opened by a representative of Owner at The Logan County Safety Complex during the monthly Building and Grounds Committee meeting located at 911 Pekin Street, Lincoln, IL 62656.

In accordance with 50 ILCS 515, Owner discloses that SmartWatt participated in the preparation of this Request for Proposals. No investment grade energy audit was conducted.

Direct questions regarding this Request for Proposals to Amy Kuhlman in the County Board Office at (217) 732-6400.