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Settlement Sheets for Taxing Districts

 The location for the Settlement Sheets has changed. For current year and moving forward, they will be located under: Tax Search/County Links/ Settlement Sheets. 




Interest Distributions for Taxing Districts





The Logan County Treasurer is an elected official who serves a four year term. The duties of the Logan County Treasurer include the receipt, management and disbursement of public funds. Any monies not needed immediately are to be invested at the highest rate of interest. All funds invested must be fully collateralized. The treasurer serves as the ex-officio county collector and as such is responsible for the collection, management and the distribution of property taxes, including real estate, mobile home and drainage tax. The County Treasurer is also responsible for maintaining all financial records for the annual audit.


2024 Tax Dates Timeline



2024 Mobile Home bills were mailed March 30th, if you did not receive your bill please contact our office.

  $25 penalty after June 3rd,  with additional penalty of $25 per month assessed, up to $100.00.



  • 2023 (payable 2024) Tax bills were mailed May 10, 2024, if you do not receive your bill please contact our office.
  • First Installment due date is June 15, 2024 or following business day if a weekend or holiday.
  • Second Installment due date is September 2, 2024 or following business day if a weekend or holiday.  


Payments may be made by any of the following methods:

  • Logan County Treasurer's Office, Room 11, Logan County Courthouse (Real Estate Only - we  now  accept credit and debit card payments in our office (2.35% + 1.50 fee charged.) 
  • Logan County Treasurer drop box on N. Kickapoo St. across from Latham Park and North and South side of the Courthouse. (No CASH please)
  • Most Logan County banks
  • Mail (Postmark honored as date received - to avoid penalty postmark on or before due date)
  • Credit card via phone 217-203-8359 - you will need your permanent index number, or online (Click here: Credit Card Tax Payments)
  • There are NO payments accepted at the John Logan Building.

 Tax Sale

October 15, 2024 at 10:30 AM. See Registration form below. The last day to register for this year's Tax Sale is September 30, 2024. This years Tax Sale will be Rams 2. Buyers will need to come to the Treasurer's office and  drop off their checks and bids. Our office will email results and send a physical copy in the mail. 

Refundable Set-up Fee is $50.00, forfeited if no attendance to sale.

Electronic File and updates Fee is $100.00.

 2024 Tax Buyer Registration Form   


Current Information

View Settlement Sheets and Interest Distribution information on the Tax Districts page.

View annual audits and financial statements at on the county board financial information page.

View Freedom of Information Act guidelines and print request forms at FOIA page.


Tax Responsibilities

County Supervisor of Assessments

  • Instructs the township assessors.
  • Prepares and maintains tax maps as well as up to date lists of property owner's names, addresses, and property record cards for all real estate in the county.
  • Serves as Clerk of the Board of Review.
  • Can revise assessment made by township assessor.
  • Grant exemptions.
  • Change of address
  • Assessment information
  • Real Estate Tax Exemptions
  • Mobile Home Record Maintenance

Phone 217-732-9635
122 N. McLean St., Lincoln, IL 62656

County Clerk

  • Extend all tax rates according to the tax levy ordinances.
  • Extend the tax rate over the value of the property for each county taxing district.
  • Redemption of tax sale certificates
  • Tax Levy information

Phone 217-732-4148

Logan County Courthouse, Rm.#20, Lincoln, IL. 62656

County Treasurer

  • Prepare and mail all tax bills.
  • Collect all taxes.
  • Enter all errors of assessments and keep track of all tax appeals granted.
  • Disburse monies to the taxing bodies.
  • Invest all monies not immediately distributed. The interest earned will be distributed to the taxing bodies.



The tax information found on this web site is for information purposes only. Logan County is not responsible for any errors in the use of this information. The web site is updated every night and is available the following day on the website so today's business will not be available until tomorrow. You may call (217) 732-3761 for more information.

Your Logan County Real Estate Tax Bill is determined by the following:


  • The assessed valuation during the previous year the county and township assessors established the value of your property. When this is completed the abstract is sent to the state who reviews the abstract and then places a multiplier (factor) which will either raise the valuation, lower the valuation or leave it the same.

  • When the assessor's work is completed the work is turned over to the Logan County Clerk whose job it is to extend the tax rates. The taxing bodies must file their levies with the county clerk by December before the bills are to be mailed. The county clerk divides the levy by the assessed valuation for that taxing body and this produces the rate necessary to bring in that levy. If the rate exceeds the rate limit as set by the state statutes the clerk can only use the limit so the taxing body will be unable to collect their full levy.

  • All parcels are located in a geographic area. The taxing bodies have different boundaries so they may overlap. For example you may live on one side of the street and pay to one school district and someone else may pay to another depending on that school boundary. Everyone pays county tax, township tax, road and bridge tax and except in east and west Lincoln townships a multi–township assessor tax. If you are in the country you could pay into one fire district and your neighbor into another. The taxing bodies you pay into determine your rate.

  • The total tax rate is multiplied by the equalized assessed value of the property and this produces the amount of the tax.